At Dental Clinic Leugrueb, we give preference to Swiss products and work exclusively with Swiss dental technicians. The clinic is QSS-certified annually for adhering to zhe highest hygiene ans quality standards.

Treatments we offer

  • Cleaning: the prophylaxis assistant and dental hygienist maintain and improve your oral health.
  • Caries treatment without drilling: for initial caries lesions, pain-free treatment.
  • Cerec: crowns and ceramic fillings in an hour without taking impressions.
  • Check-up: routine check up for childrens and adults, for schools.
  • Esthetics: bleaching, veneers, smile make-over.
  • Orthodontics: braces, invisalign for kids and adults.
  • Implants: minimally invasive, Swiss products.
  • Gum diseases: treatments of inflammation and infection, oral health.
  • Root canal treatment and wisdom teeth removal.


We look forward to seeing you.